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Texas Hold ’em blinds.

– The minimums & raise limits are always set for the table before the start of the game, it does no matter what other variations to the rules that are used. If a player goes all-in & still does not cover the blind it does not change the limits for the rest of the table.

– All of the players need to play the required blind in each round. This can be done in the traditional fashion or by using moving or dead blinds. In moving blinds there may be more than one big blind in a single hand. With dead blinds the small blind or the dealer button can possibly be placed at an empty seat in order for the big blind to be in the proper position.

– If the game comes to head to head play the small blind & the dealer button become one & the same.

– The small & big blind positions are allowed to raise the bet once their turn has come back around even though the big blind is considered players opening bet.

– If a new player chooses to let the button pass them without posting they will need to pay in the big blind when the enter the game.

– Any player in a new game that draws for the button will be required to make up for any missed blinds because they are considered to be an active player.

– New players entering after the game has begun will be required to wait until the big blind reaches their position or they will need to post a minimum bet to be dealt in immediately. The amount required is determined by the game being played & the prior rules set before game play initiated.

– Players can not change seats at a table in order to avoid paying the blinds however they can change seats if the blind has not passed the new position yet without penalty. (There are some variations to this rule as in Lowball where the blind is allowed to pass one time without penalty)

– Straddle bets are not accepted when playing a game with betting limits unless table rules state otherwise.

– Anyone playing over will be treated as if they are a new player to the game. They will be required to wait for the big blind or must post the same amount to be dealt in immediately.

– Players can not be added to the table & dealt a hand immediately in the small blind position. They must wait until the button has passed their position before being dealt in.

– If a player is dealt in with an un-posted blind the hand will be called dead if the player looks at the cards before posting the blind. In the case that the player has already acted on the hand in question without notice the hand will continue. That player will need to post the blind they missed before the next hand.

– Players losing their stack must make up any missed blinds before re-entering the game upon a rebuying into the game but they will not be treated as if they were a new player again.

– If a player misses any blinds they must make up for all blinds missed before re-entering the game or wait until the big blind reaches their position again. If they choose post the missing blinds then those funds are entered into the pot for the current hand.