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Saturday Night I went out for a few drinks with a few friends of mine. We decided to have a boys night to let off a bit of steam. I got picked up my friends in my car because it seems like most of them don’t have nice cars or don’t keep their nice cars neat. They are always a mess. How hard is it to clean out your car (just a little bit) every once in a while. Especially if you are going to have guests get in it. Anyway, I grabbed up 3 buddies and we were on our way to Downtown Las Vegas. It had probably been a couple years since we had all gotten together to go out before Saturday. I was expecting a great night but I had no I idea what I could expect from the evening.

We went to the Beauty Bar. It has a very appealing atmosphere. Really the guys were there to drink before we hit up the tables for some Texas Hold’em to try winning some cash. It was not too long ago the 4 of us would do this every weekend but those old habits died hard nearly a decade ago when we slowly but surely traded in our freedom for wedding rings. That’s right every one of us eventually took the plunge. I would like to say that I had the strength to hold out until last but that would not be true at all. As a matter of fact I was closer to the first one to marry than last one. I just waited until the guys had a little to drink. It didn’t take too long but I didn’t partake because I was going to have to take everyone home after we were all done too.

We finally made it downtown and got some seats at a game. We can usually find a few games at 1 casino so we can spread out a bit but this time there were only a few other players there. We all had to sit at the same game at least until a couple more players showed up. We had not been playing very long and we had a full table when I got the best hand that I have ever had the joy of being dealt. That’s right, I had a Royal Flush. I couldn’t wait to show my friends but I did my best to contain myself. I ran the pot up as much as I could without being obvious & it was a nice pot by the end of play. I knew I had the best hand and in the end. When we showed our cards the entire table was amazed not only by my Royal Flush but also by the bad beat I laid on someone else that had a Straight Flush.