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The scandal was the product of an inside job at Absolute Poker / Ultimate Bet. It has not gone unnoticed that they are still dealing cards to anyone who is willing to open an account and give them their credit card information. Security expert Ivan Macalintal a research manager at Trend Micro points out that you can not tell where these sites are coming from or their operating methods. You are not able to look the other players in the eye when you are in a site such as this and you do not have the benefit of looking for tells, tics or routines pointing out the players next move. There is no casino security, cameras, dealer or pit boss watching the game as it unfolds so you are losing out on a lot of security benefits for the added luxury of playing in the comfort of your own home.

Let’s talk about the newest protocol for the gaming industry when addressing counting cards. Every brick and mortar casino you ever visit to play 21 will follow the exact same protocol. There is no escaping it if they can see you then they will watch you to see if you are counting cards. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to be counting cards any more. If you look like you are playing with half a brain, they can and will kick you out, black list you then happily spread your name and picture to the entire community with the explanation the you were counting cards. It has become so bad that I refuse to even play black jack at an actual casino. You have to be careful or you will find yourself in a real tricky situation.

Let me tell you a story about a friend of mine. Good Guy… He was not cheating. He was not even counting cards, which is not cheating. He just had a good night at the table. He was not randomly changing his bet. He was not acting funny. He was even drinking pretty heavily which is an easy tell that someone is not counting cards. If they are counting drunk, as we all know, they probably shouldn’t be. He was still taken into the back of a casino in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip. He was escorted out & then told never to return… All this because he had 1 good night playing Black Jack. That’s just crazy… The worst part is that when he tried to go out the next weekend to another one of his favorite haunts, he was questioned about his experience with the other Casino. It turns out they called and had him listed at several places. I couldn’t believe it.