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Are you looking for tips to help you win at the online casinos?

We’ve got them.

From tips on how to maximize your bankroll, to cashing in to the┬ábest online casino bonuses, to playing those online casino games that will give you the edge – the house edge that is – as they’ll give you the best return in terms of payout percentage and inherent odds of winning.

We’re here to help you not only have fun gambling at online casinos, but also help you to maximize your earnings with our online gambling tips.

Alright, let’s do this.

For starters, there are certain online casino games that offer up better odds of winning based on the game’s inherent house edge, which is defined as the ratio of the average loss to the player’s initial bet. Of course there are those folks who have a favorite game and it really doesn’t matter what the odds are. Slots is one of those games that doesn’t require too much initial skill, but a lot of luck. Nevertheless there are numerous games with amazing graphics that advance various inventive story lines that offer lots of fun. Here’s a list of online slots for usa players offer special promotionals for US players with the introduction of new games or to induce players to play at a particular casino. In addition many online casinos promote progressive slots with their potentially big jackpots. Although progressive slots offer players the chance to win thousands of dollars, they require playing with the maximal possible bet.

What ever game is your pleasure, here’s a snapshot of some of the most common online casino games, such as Blackjack and Craps Online, and their payout percentages.

Baccarat – 1.24%

Blackjack – 0.28% (based on “liberal Vegas” rules – i.e. dealer stands on soft 17; player can double on any two cards, player can double after splitting, player can resplit aces, and late surrender is allowed).

Craps – Anywhere from 1.36% (Don’t Pass / Don’t Come) to 16.67% (Proposition 7)

Keno – 25%-29%

Roulette – 2.70% for single zero; 5.26% for double zero

Slots – 2%-15% (on average, based on major manufacturer)

As you’ll see, Blackjack by and large offers up one of the best inherent odds of winning in terms of payout percentage, so simply by choosing this particular online game, you better your odds of winning (as opposed to Keno, with its whopping 25% – 29% ratio!).

Think about the online casino for a moment. There are numerous rooms, lots of downloads available for free, tutorials written by the pros on the subject of “Secrets” & then there are the totally crazy promo’s / bonuses offered. Online gambling has lots of new supporters all of the time. Many of those supporters have never even stepped foot inside of a casino.

To be a success one must apply all of the following, use the latest secrets regarding Internet gambling, tricks for sorting out which online casinos are worth trying, find the best deals currently offered & ensure your gambling strategy is sound all of the time…

The act of wagering is now available on your cell phone. Almost all smartphones support Java technology as well as being connected to the internet. Of course this led to the opportunity for Internet casino operators to expand into a whole new field, which they are more than happy to do. Gambling on the mobile phone has only recently become possible but the number of registered players have already grown to into millions & is expected to reach into the billions in a few short years.